Some awesome news from this year’s San Diego Comic Con was the announcements of the Captain America: Civil War themed Spiderman action figure and Marvel Cinematic Universe style Doctor Strange figures! Spidey will be apart of a 3 pack set also including Iron Man as well as Captain America. But that won’t be the only Spidey toys dropping there will also be a Marvel Legends Spider-Man series, including Spider-Man 2099, Spider-UK, Ms. Marvel and Green Goblin. Not to be outdone Doctor Strange will also be getting a Marvel Legends series, which will also include a comic book Doctor Strange, Brother Voodoo, the Ancient One, Nico Minoru, plus a cinematic Baron Mordo.

The Civl War 3 pack is available right now right here and be sure to check out a video of Marvel and Hasbro’s booth below and let us know which toys you’ll be picking up.

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