Fighting crime or concocting a grand evil plan to conquer the world doesn’t come cheap. So how do the likes of Charles Xavier (aka Professor X), Lex Luthor, Bruce Wayne (aka Batman), and Dr. Doom get funding for their various endeavors? Clearly, not from the government.

From owning a mansion complete with state-of-the-art equipment to training and protecting mutants, Professor X must have a very fat bank account as an iconic hero. The same goes with being a villain as their evil plans must be kept on low so that crime-fighting heroes will not be able to foil their plans. But how much is really spent from keeping a low profile using a costume equipped with lasers and nightvision to buying the most expensive and high-tech cars, fighter jets, and planes?

Heroes like Oliver Queen, or as everyone knows his other identity the Green Arrow, fund his extremely extracurricular activities from the inheritance he received from his filthy rich parents Robert and Moira Queen. Owning and controlling Queen Industries, Green Arrow is not only able to continue fighting crime for the “little guy” but also is able provide ample donations to charitable institutions.

On the other side of the spectrum, there are the evil guys, or bad guys, or simply misunderstood people, however way you put it. The Fantastic Four’s archnemesis doesn’t come cheap despite hiding behind a green cloak and mask. Dr. Doom, or Victor von Doom, owns a country. A country! What makes him even more dangerous is that he is a combination of brains and a huge net worth, a staggering $35 billion. Talk about revenge on the billions.

Staying true to their own cause might be fun and exciting whether they are a hero or a villain. But everyone knows these superheroes and villains are filthy rich, but by how much really? Scroll down and check out the colorful infographic below and you will be blown to bits by how much the heroes or villains are really worth.

9 Superheroes and Villains With Major Bank

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